MOOKIE MONDAYS: Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?

0 Posted by - 27 February, 2012 - Video

Yeah, this just happened. Signature ‘Monkeys sound, with just as much rock saturated zest as ever. This is a kind of song that automatically puts an unmerited ”I’m a badass” smirk on your face, but rightfully so: that’s the only way to kick it through a Monday friends. Even more badass than your devious smirk is how the Arctic Monkeys just released this out of the blue by tossing it up on their YouTube. No previews, no announcements, just rock on a Monday. Boss status.

Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine? 

Let’s change gears and slow down your racing heart; it’s time to mellow out with Bon Iver’s “Towers” official video. I’m such a sucker for music videos that tell a story. It could be because I like to have 3 out of my 5 senses submersed in unformulated feeling. It could also be because I like music, stories and am easily entertained. Nevertheless, this is Bon Iver doing what he does best: inspiring awe.

Bon Iver – Towers

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