Swedish House Mafia & Lune tease ‘Leave The World Behind’

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The scramble for a market share of the dance music community’s attention has grown to almost comical proportions.  Ultra Music Festival is releasing early bird tickets 5 months prior to the previous year’s releases, ’s dead horse of One Last Tour is still being beaten, and the Daft Punk hype machine has been cranked to religious zealotry levels.  Suspense and surprise have lead the path of listeners away from critical listening and honest opinion.  Are we moving toward a goal, or just moving toward the crowd?

After a few short months, it would seem that , , and are back. Sigh.

In what looks like a video production of sorts, Swedish House Mafia will team up with Linne Martinsson, or .  Described as songwriter, thai boxer, and singer, we honestly have no idea what this relationship could mean.  Is this a collaboration to launch a blossoming, new career?  A feature length movie that has nothing to do with Swedish House Mafia?  Or are the Swedes giving up dance music and becoming fisherman?

The video below “stars” Axwell and suggests the latter.  We’ll keep you updated on this mildly interesting turn of events, but we’ll also throw in a well deserved, “we told you so.”  It looks like this Friday: they’re back.

Lune ‘’ Starring Axwell

leave the world behind

Leave The World Behind:  Website

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