Weekend Forecast: Tyler Sherritt, Carl Nunes, & Mark Zarrella at Cielo, 2/1/13

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Now although I’ve never considered myself a gamblin’ man, many high school study periods were spent crouched around the floor rollin’ the dice with my hood rat friends.  We’d throw down lunch money playing Cee-lo, I’d pretend to be Ashy Larry, and (usually) I made it home with a full stomach.  Yeah I’ve left the life of ivory behind me, but not the game of Cee-ello.  This Friday, we go from “ashy to classy ” with ’s premier night at .  Lucky for you, they’ve taken the risk out of gambling with your weekends and given us a no contest, three-die winning combo: Tyler Sherritt, , and .  So blow on your fingers, shake out your hands, and take the bet.  You won’t lose.

Buy your chips HERE.


The Drop’s Top

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